Snow Grooming Guidance
Increase productivity, performance, safety and service with Hemisphere
GPS’ Snow Grooming Guidance system. An integrated color touch screen
and Crescent® GPS make up the platform of the advanced visual guidance
application that provides situational awareness and mapping capabilities for
snow grooming operators.


    • Operators are better equipped to provide consistent and efficient
       grooming operations particularly in conditions with limited visibility

    • Winch cat operators can start exactly in line and adjacent to the
       previous cable groom

    • Operators can load job files and follow repeatable paths individually
       or as a fleet


    • Eliminate overlaps and skips

    • Reduced operator fatigue and idling time

    • Items that need attention (thin snow pack, winch anchors, etc.) can
      easily be flagged so the operator can navigate back at any time


    • Boundaries and hazards can be marked and remain visible on screen

    • Winch cat operators can identify the position where winch cables have
       been damaged so that they don’t respool past that point

    • Navigate safely and directly back to home base in low visibility


    • Data can be applied to Google Earth™ for map generation and daily
      grooming reports to be posted throughout the resort or made
      available to wireless devices

    • Job files provide driving statistics per machine for cost, performance
       and maintenance tracking Snow Grooming Guidance